Susan (ycysusan) wrote,

2011 cosplay plan

Um... its a bit more then I expect...

Kuroshitsuji- Claude

Sakura Shoot
Cardcaptor Sakura- Toya
Baka to Test to Shokanju- Minami
Vocaloid- Gakupo (刹月華)

Code Geass- C.C. (Butterfly version)
Code Geass R3- ?
Kuroshitsuji- Ciel (Cyber)
Lamento- Rai... 100%
Hakuouki- Hijikata... 100%
Liar Game - Nao...  100%
Gintama- Kamui... 100%
Durarara- Izaya

Kuroshitsuji- Dagger
Trinity Blood- Astharoshe
Yami no Matsuei- Tsuzuki
Zone00- Bishamon (?)
X- Subaru

Ice Cold Demon's Tale- Rapunzel

MacrossF Movie- Sheryl

Tsubasa- Subaru
Harry Potter- Lucius
Harry Potter- Fleur
Claymore- Teresa
Vocaloid- Meiko
Yakumo- Haruka
Karnivel- ?
Hikaru No Go- Toya
Zone00- Shima
Chobits- Chi
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oh susan ^^;;;;

are you doing a Love is War group for Meiko?
TT I dont know how it gets that many.... and its Jan 1 only...

^^;;; which one is that? I dont know any names for Vocaloid...
I have the same problem ... this one! bianca, chas, and I were thinking of doing luka, kaito, and miku later on~
ya~ I am doing that Meiko ^^~~
Ohh! You're cosplaying from Yakumo~~~ :3 I can't wait to see that and wow your list is super loooong~~
I suppose to cos it last year Fanime ^^;;; but somehow it got push back and push back...

watch... nothing will be done...
Izaya~~ Can't wait to see these outfits!! *w*
TT I dont know where to find a cheep coat for him...
Hey! I've been thinking a lot about Trinity Blood, and I'm not sure if I can do it for AX or not. I thought I should tell you now before it gets too late in the year if you need to replace me. (Lilith)
oh np~~ no pressure ^^~ its not a easy cos
You will make an adorable Dagger! And goodness, I totally had a fangirl moment when I saw Ice Cold Demon's Tale on your list. I think that was one of the first BL comics I ever read.
XD~~ yaya~~ Ice Cold Demon's Tale is the ONLY BL comic that Ill every read too~~ its so cute~~
Was it re-released or something? I must have read that over 5 years ago.