Susan (ycysusan) wrote,

2011 cosplay history

^^;;;; I thought I will cut the making new cos down... but I lie... 25 new cos through this last year........ I lie... i made a new for... 26...

Wang Yuanji (Worrior Orochi)
Konnosuke (Zone-00)
Vincent (Kuroshitsuji)
Arwen(Lord of the Ring I)
Shima Summer version (Zone-00 )
Sebastian Bunny Version (Kuroshitsuji)
Yukio (Ao no)
Ciel (Kuroshitsuji Musical II)
C.C butterfly version (Code GeassR2)
Aeon (Castlevania Judgement)
Lily (Hary Potter)
Fleur(Harry Potter 6)
Howls (Howls moving castle)
Gilbert(Pandora Hearts)
Ciel V-Day verion (Kuroshitsuji)
Neji (Naruto)
Blood (Ice Cold Desmond's Tale)
Lucies (Harry Potter)
Izaya (Durarara!)
Rai (Lamento)
Esther (Trinity Blood)
Saya (Blood-C)
Kamui 刹月華 version (Vocaloid)
sheryl Japanese version (Macross Frontier)
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omg, that's a lot of cos!
TT that is a bad sign...
ovo dang your a cosplaying machine
lol... a lot of those are closet...
That's what it felt like to me too this year. @_@
LOL hear you cosplay more~~